Arista 7500 Series

Performance without Compromise:
30Tbps and 96x 100Gb, 288x 40Gb, 1152x 10Gb Ethernet Ports

Designed for large virtualized and cloud networks the Arista 7500 Series modular switches are the industry’s highest performance data center switches. They combine scalable L2 and L3 features with advanced features for network monitoring, precision timing, VXLAN network virtualization and extensive hardware resources.


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The Foundation for Cloud-Scale Networking:

High Performance System

  • Highest Density Line Rate 10GbE/40GbE/100GbE interfaces
  • Most Power Efficient Ethernet System
  • Lowest Latency at sub 4 microsecond
  • 14+Billion PPS and 30Tbps Fabric

Rich Feature Sets

  • Comprehensive Switching and Routing Feature Set
  • Full featured IPv4 / IPv6, ACLs, and QoS
  • VXLAN and 64-way multi-pathing
  • DANZ for Traffic Analysis

Open Programmability

  • Open eAPI, and native OpenStack/ VMware Orchestration
  • Provisioning & scripting with Python and ZTP
  • Health Tracer System Monitoring
  • VM Tracer and LANZ for traffic visibility

The 7500E Series modules enable highly scalable two-tier network designs with MLAG, ECMP and VXLAN technologies.


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Featured Video: Network Architecture of the 7500 Series



Flat Layer-2 MLAG Spine - All Active Multipathing

  • Standards based protocols (LACP)
  • Eliminates Spanning Tree from the topology
  • Simple to understand and easy to deploy

ECMP - All Active Multipath for Layer 3

  • Standards based protocols (OSPF, IS-IS, BGP)
  • Eliminates L2 for exceptional scalability and fault tolerance
  • Exceptional scale with consistent performance in 2 tiers

VXLAN - Layer 2 over Layer 3 - Best of both worlds

  • Active multipath using ECMP (up to 64-way)
  • Single L3 network for all applications
  • L2 extensions for stateful VM - VM over Layer 3
  • Extends L2 with exceptional scalability (16 million virtual networks)

The Arista 7500E Series is designed with the latest in switching silicon and software.

The unique fabric and deep buffer virtual output queue (VOQ) architecture eliminates head-of-line (HOL) blocking and virtually eliminates packet drops even in the most congested network scenarios. The Arista 7500 can handle the most demanding data center requirements with ease, including mixed traffic loads of real-time, multicast, and storage traffic.


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Featured Video: Network Architecture of the 7500 Series



Designed for continuous operations with system wide monitoring of hardware and software components, simple serviceability and provisioning to prevent single points of failure.


The hardware architecture supports high-availability with hot-swap of all components with redundant supervisors, power supplies, fabric and cooling modules.

High Performance 10/40/100Gb Ethernet Spine

  • Non-blocking 1,152x 10Gb, 288x 40Gb, and 96x 100Gb Ethernet Ports
  • 3.84Tb of capacity for each linecard slot - over 30Tbps Total
  • Consistent low latency - under 4usec
  • Ultra deep buffers - 144GB per system
  • Aggregate 14.4 Billion PPS of L2/L3 forwarding
  • Data Center optimized with front to back airflow and power/grid redundancy

High Availability

  • Redundant Supervisor, Fabric, Fans
  • In Service Software Upgrades
  • Self-healing stateful fault repair
  • Stateful Supervisor Switchover

High Performance Fabric Modules

  • 100% efficient utilization of fabric capacity at all packet sizes
  • 30Tbps Fabric
  • N+1 redundancy to ensure no loss of performance

The Arista 7500 Series modular switches are the industry’s highest performance data center switches, available in a compact 7RU (4-slot) or 11RU (8-slot) they combine scalable L2 and L3 forwarding and traffic management with advanced features for network monitoring, precision timing, and network virtualization to deliver deterministic network performance for mission critical data centers, cloud computing, enterprise and HPC environments.


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System Performance:

The Arista 7508 and 7504 systems can be fully populated with up to eight and four linecards respectively.



System Performance



A true masterpiece of engineering. Delivers the highest density, lowest power, and fastest Ethernet switching system. Seven rack units of awesomeness, optimum form-factor for many mid-size deployments.

Switching Capacity

30Tbps 15Tbps

Linecard Capacity

3.84Tbps 3.84Tbps

10GbE Interfaces

1152 576

40GbE Interfaces

288 144

100GbE Interfaces

96 48

Forwarding Rate

14.4Bpps 7.2Bpps

Total Buffer

144GB 72GB

Rack Units

11 7

Nominal Power Draw

5050W 2490W


Linecards Comparison:

7500E Series linecards provide a choice of speed and density options addressing 1Gb, 10Gb, 40Gb and 100Gb Ethernet requirements with a consistent set of features. Each module provides low latency under 4usec and is designed for optimum power efficiency.



Linecards Comparison

7500E-36Q 7500E-12CM 7500E-72S 7500E-48S


36 QSFP+ 12 MPO 48 SFP+ 2 MPO 48 SFP+

10GbE Interfaces

144 (QSFP+) 144 (MPO) 72 (48 SFP+ / MPO) 48 SFP+

40GbE Interfaces

36 36 6 -

100GbE Interfaces

- 12 2 -

Port Buffer

18GB 18GB 9GB 9GB

Nominal Power

450W 450W 212W 197W

Forwarding Rate

1.8Bpps 1.8Bpps 900Mpps 720Mpps


Linecard Features:

Each 7500E Series linecard delivers a consistent set of features supporting layer 2 and layer 3 data center designs with predictable and linear scaling.


7500E Linecards



MAC Table Size


Max Host Route Prefixes


Max IPv4 Route Prefixes


Max IPv6 Route Prefixes


Max Multicast Groups


Max Egress Forwarding Entries / Forwarding Engine


Max LAG Groups

up to 1K

Max LAG Members

up to 32 member ports (initially)

Max ECMP Fanout

32-way (64-way)

Max ACL Entries

12,000 per port group (6 groups)

Buffers per 10GbE Port



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